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Vintage Homeware

Zebra Homeware is a bespoke collection of vintage furniture and homeware accessories that have been given a new lease of life.
We carefully source vintage homeware that will add a special, unique touch to your home.

Zebra Homeware | Vintage Homeware

Mid-century furniture

Zebra Homeware | Vintage Homeware

Retro kitchenware

Zebra Homeware | Vintage Homeware

Vintage home accessories

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Zebra Homeware | Vintage Homeware

About us

We’re Rachel and Tom and we founded Zebra Homeware because of our passion for rescuing and restoring vintage homeware. Through our passion, our home started to fill with vintage furniture and home accessories so we decided to set up a store where we could share our finds with others.

We are believers in the mantra ‘one person’s junk is another person’s treasure’ which is why everything we sell has been sourced second-hand to bring you one-off items that are affordable and kinder to the environment.

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Frequently asked questions

What does vintage homeware mean?
Vintage homeware refers to pieces originating from over 20 years ago. This includes furniture, kitchen and homeware accessories that were once pre-loved.

Is shopping vintage good for the environment?
Yes definitely. By shopping vintage you are preventing discarded homeware items from going to landfill. Also, by choosing vintage you are not contributing to the growing demand on the homeware manufacturing industry.

Where do you source your stock from?
We source our stock from a variety of different places including flea markets, auctions and second-hand stores.

How do you restore your items?
It depends on what it is as some pieces need more love than others. We take on a whole range of projects from restoring and upcycling mid-century furniture to polishing antique brass.

How do I buy something?
All of our products are available to buy through our Etsy shop. International shipping may be available at an additional cost.

Are you environmentally friendly?
We are very eco-conscious. The nature of vintage homeware is environmentally friendly in itself, but we also like to do our bit for the planet by using recycled packaging too. We are also able to ship plastic free on request. 

Do you only stock vintage items?
Yes, everything we stock has been sourced second-hand and has been pre-loved.

What if I want something in particular that is not listed?
If there is something in particular you are looking for, please do let us know. We are always sourcing new items for the shop, so we would be able to source this for you for a small fee.