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Posted on 1st March 2020

Zebra Homeware | Vintage Homeware | vintage homeware blog

Hello! We’re Rachel and Tom, founders of Zebra Homeware. Vintage homeware is something that we have been passionate about for a while. Not only does it allow you to furnish your home with unique pieces, but it’s also environmentally-friendly. 

Our love for pre-loved homeware began when we moved into our first rented home last year. On a budget, we were looking for affordable and sustainable ways to furnish our home. We spent weekends rummaging through bootfairs and flea markets in search of vintage decor and quickly discovered that pre-loved homeware still has a place in the modern home. 

When we had finished decorating our home with our vintage finds, we still found ourselves on the hunt for antiques. One particular weekend, we came across a beautiful mid-century armchair that looked like it had seen better days. The lady who was selling it said it was a neglected project that had been knocking around for ages. Although we didn’t have the space for it in our house we were excited by the possibility of giving it a new lease of life, so we handed over the money and took it home with us. 

That same weekend we bought some paint and fabric and got to work on upcycling it. We were excited by the possibility of restoring a discarded piece of furniture and creating something unique that no one else would have in their home. We also loved the idea that we were saving it from ending up in landfill, much like a lot of furniture does. 

Zebra Homeware | Vintage Homeware | vintage homeware blog

We found this vintage wooden armchair at a local bootsale and gave it some much needed TLC

The armchair marked the opening of our Etsy store and proudly became our first ever Zebra product. We spent the rest of the summer treasure hunting for more vintage homeware pieces for the shop, curating a collection of both furniture and homeware accessories. 

The thing we find most rewarding about Zebra is seeing the once discarded pieces of furniture and homeware we find being sent away to their new home. We want to continue sharing our passion for vintage and pre-loved with others and show how you can furnish your home on a budget and be kinder to the environment, without compromising on style.

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