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Tips for looking after your houseplants

Posted on 23rd April 2020

Tips for looking after your houseplants | vintage homeware blog

Houseplants are a great addition to your home. Not only do they add character, but they also improve air quality and there is evidence to show that they boost your mood. However, sometimes taking care of them is not as straight forward as it seems. We caught up with Dr Laura Jenkins, the founder of Houseplanthouse who has shared her top tips on how to look after your indoor plants.

Know your space 

“As easy as it can be to get overwhelmed with excitement when plant shopping, have a think about the space you have at home. Are your windowsills needing an injection of green? Or do you have space to hang some plants? Maybe it’s a table top that’s looking a bit bare, or you have a floor planter that needs a plant to add colour to a corner. Pick plants that suit the space you have” explains Laura.

Think about lighting 

“Get to know how light moves around your space. Also think about what the average average temperature and humidity is like in your home. A humidity monitor is an affordable addition to any houseplant lovers kit and will help you to understand what plants will best suit your space. If you have a south facing spot which gets lots of light, succulents and cacti are great” adds Laura.

Tips for looking after your houseplants | vintage homeware blog

Get to know your plants

“When you get home with your plants, research them straight away. Whether online or in a book, look up their likes and dislikes to help you feel confident in caring for them. Pay particular attention to where and how your plants grow in the wild as this will help to understand their needs better. Try to create a similar environment where you can, such as keeping your humidity loving plants in the bathroom” says Laura.

Don’t overwater

“This is the most common mistake people make when caring for houseplants. Most indoor plants only need watering when the top layer of potting mix is dry and plants like cacti and succulents only need watering every three – four weeks during the spring and summer. Watering your plants little and often is not ideal either – give your plants a thorough soak until the water drains out of the bottom and then wait for them to dry out before giving them their next drink” explains Laura.

Tips for looking after your houseplants | vintage homeware blog

Have fun with it

“Houseplants can really transform a space so the main thing to remember is enjoy them! Pick some easy going plants to start with such as a golden pothos or a spider plant and notice how they can bring personality and a sense of warmth to your interior. Take time to enjoy the process of caring for them – it really can become a relaxing and rewarding hobby” adds Laura.

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