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Vintage homeware trends for 2020

Posted on 18th June 2020

bamboo headboard | vintage homeware trends | vintage homeware blog

Although we are halfway into the year, we wanted to share our favourite vintage homeware trends for 2020. Vintage homeware goes hand in hand with the interior phrase ‘mid-century modern’ that is so popular at the moment. When styled with modern pieces, vintage homeware allows you to add your individual stamp to your interiors and create something truly unique for your home. Below are just some of the vintage trends we’re loving at the moment.


Vintage bamboo furniture is having a huge moment right now. The origin of bamboo furniture can be traced back to China over 7,000 years ago where it was first discovered and used for many purposes. Since then, bamboo has seen many trend cycles within the home, first capturing the Western imagination back in the 1600s. 

The cultural history of bamboo means it is a great fit with the bohemian-interior trend that is popular at the moment. Sought after pieces include armchairs, tables and headboards which are built to last. The natural accents of this texture also mean it is perfect for styling small spaces without creating a feeling of overcrowding. 


Another natural wood that is growing in popularity at the moment is vintage rattan. Originating in South East Asia, rattan is a natural vine and a member of the palm family. The material is favoured for its flexibility and was first used to create furniture in the United States in the 1850s.

Rattan last had a moment in the 1960s and 1970s when there was a huge appreciation for the material within the home. The neutral tones and textures of the material mean it can be styled with almost any colour or pattern. As it is typically more flexible than bamboo, rattan can also be used to create more complex and intricate shapes. 

wicker peacock chair | vintage homeware trends | vintage homeware blogThe iconic rattan peacock chair rose to fame in the 1960s.


Vintage wicker homeware is making a comeback in a big way. Many people mistake wicker as a type of wood, however, wicker actually refers to the technique of weaving materials like bamboo and rattan. Originating in ancient Eygpt, wicker was originally used for basket weaving.

Since then, wicker has been used to create a whole array of homeware items. Although typically used for smaller items such as baskets and placemats, wicker can also be used to create furniture pieces such as chairs and dressers. Wall displays using vintage wicker baskets are especially popular right now, being perfect for creating a bohemian-inspired feature wall. 


Vintage brass is very sought after right now. This gorgeous, golden material is created using an alloy of copper and zinc. The use of brass for homeware items dates back to the ancient Roman era when it was used to create items such as jugs, lamps and bowls. 

It is thought to have fallen out of fashion over time because it was high-maintenance and hard to clean. However, the tarnished look of vintage brass is now being welcome within the home. The patina on vintage brass gives it a unique character which modern materials lack. Small brass ornaments and trinkets are particularly popular. 

brass frogs | vintage homeware trends | vintage homeware blogThese characterful brass shelf-sitting frogs originate from the 1980s. Shop them on our Etsy store.


Another vintage metal that is making a comeback is copper. Copper dates back even further than brass and was the first metal to be used by a human over 10,000 years ago. Initially used for engineering, the origins of the use of copper were more practical than decorative.

Now, vintage copper is creeping into the modern home. Like brass, tarnished copper with dark spots and patina are favoured for their vintage character. Popular for its rose-gold accents, copper has overtaken metallic counterparts such as chrome due to its warm tones. Sought after pieces include planters and kitchenware items such as saucepans and kettles. 

Coloured glass

Coloured glass dates back as early as the 7th century when it was used to create stained-glass windows for religious establishments. It was then used by the Romans to create more decorative homeware pieces such as vases and cups. Since then, coloured glass has become prominent in many areas of homeware design.

Coloured drinkware made in the 1950s and 1960s is especially sought after at the moment. One vintage company who did coloured drinkware well was Luminarc. Established in 1948, Luminarc was the first company in France to sell glasses with decorations, which was truly revolutionary at the time. Today, their vintage glassware remains popular for their bright colours and unique designs. 

Luminarc wine glasses | vintage homeware trends | vintage homeware blogThese wine glasses are one of Luminarc’s later designs. Shop them on our Etsy store.

Teak furniture 

Although still manufactured today, teak furniture is typical of the mid-century era. Teak was first used to create furniture by Danish designers in around the 1950s, followed by British designers such as G-Plan and McIntosh in the 1960s. Now, these exact pieces are increasingly sought after due to their timeless design.  

Not only does teak look beautiful, but it is extremely hardwearing which is evident in the fact that we are still enjoying pieces made over 70 years ago. Teak sideboards, chest of drawers and coffee tables are all popular at the moment and their classic features make them a great fit for modern styling. Depending on your individual style, you can dress these pieces with almost any colour or texture.

Floral kitchenware

Floral kitchenware is huge at the moment. Bold and colourful prints are especially popular and are typical of a more retro style. Pottery manufacturers J. & G. Meakin started creating pieces using their iconic floral designs in the 1970s, many of which are still enjoyed today. 

Other popular vintage homeware brands who did florals well include Pyrex and Figgjo. Their vibrant, timeless prints make it easy to see why these pieces are now sought after. The beauty of styling your kitchen with these pieces is that you can choose to have one or two statement pieces or go all out with a whole set. When shopping for floral kitchenware, look out for teacups, casserole dishes and saucepans.

Figgjo flameware skillet | vintage homeware trends | vintage homeware blogThis Figgjo Flameware skillet in ‘Astrid’ print was crafted in the 1970s. Shop it on our Etsy store.

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