Founded by partners Rachel and Tom, Zebra is a carefully curated collection of antique objects and furniture that allow home-lovers to create beautiful interiors.

We typically source items from the late 19th and early 20th centuries with an emphasis on tradition, timelessness, and craftsmanship. Each piece was originally built to last and often hand-crafted using natural, high-quality materials. 

Items in our collection are often limited, carrying their own unique story and offering a special piece of history that can be enjoyed for decades to come.

We understand the importance of creating a well-considered home that feels joyful, creative and personal. That’s why we only select items that evoke that heartfelt feeling of home and can work to create beautiful interiors.

Our story

Zebra began through our passion for creating our first home together. We quickly discovered that we both enjoyed styling our interiors with vintage finds and found ourselves spending weekends travelling to local antique fairs and flea markets in search of new treasures. The thrill of discovering special and unique items each time inspired us to create a store where we could share our finds with others.

Home to us is about creating a space that feels joyful, creative, and personal. We love that heartfelt feeling of home; a place to express yourself freely and being able to create a space that is entirely unique to you. This became even more evident as we worked on our recent home renovation. Faced with a blank canvas as we took on the challenge of restoring the building from scratch, we were able to create a home that was entirely personal and evoked true joy. It is now our passion to help other home-lovers create beautiful interiors that make them feel that heartfelt feeling of home.

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